How can I receive training and instructions on how to operate the device?

Please refer to the video below first, and if you still need training after watching the video, please contact the SONON team!



What is SONON’s Wi-Fi connection password?

The initial password is 1234567890.


I can’t download the SONON X app on my tablet/ mobile device.

The mobile device being used must meet the specifications below to download the SONON device  Minimum Requirements

-Android (SAMSUNG)
SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 /SAMSUNG GALAXY J3, J5, J7 2017 / SAMSUNG Galaxy Note5, FE,  SAMSUNG Galaxy A5, A7 2016 / SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S3(2017) / SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 2016

-iOS (Apple only)
iPhone 6s / iPad Air 2 / iPad 5 / iPad Pro 1 / iPad Mini 4

Android iOS Windows / Android 7.0 iOS 12 Windows10(64-bit)


I’m using the SONON device, but the device feels too hot to the touch.
Is there a malfunction?

No. This is not a malfunction. Since the chips of large equipment are used in small devices, there can be heat generated to the touch, but this won’t lead to issues of malfunctions or explosion. Also, the device automatically turns off when it reaches a certain temperature (above 40 degrees), and can be used again when the temperature drops enough.


How I can receive further training and instructions on how to operate the device?

Please access the Customer Support Page on the Healcerion website to submit an after-sales service request or contact us at (Tel. 02-6347-6328), and an agent will assist with consultation.