Frequently Asked Questions

What is SONON?

SONON is a truly mobile ultrasound imaging device (hand-held, pocket-sized, affordable, and wireless) compatible with both iOS and Android mobile technology. SONON is both easy to carry and cost-effective, allowing healthcare providers to perform ultrasounds anywhere with just the product and the mobile devices they already use.

Why was SONON developed?

Healcerion strives to bring affordable, high-quality medical care to clinical and remote locations around the world. Healcerion created SONON, a mobile-based healthcare system, to provide physicians and patients with flexibility and portability because accurate, timely diagnostic testing results and actionable information are crucial to providing superior care to patients around the world.

How does SONON compare to other ultrasound machines?

SONON is significantly smaller, more versatile and less expensive than traditional ultrasound machines. It is also lighter and less expensive than alternative portable ultrasound devices. SONON does not require a proprietary smartphone or tablet to scan, and is instead compatible with all iOS and Android devices. SONON’s compact, portable design does not compromise imaging performance; in fact, SONON has a comparatively better image quality than any other portable or pocket-sized ultrasound device on the market.

What care applications does SONON have?

SONON can be used for point of care, internal medicine, radiology, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, otolaryngology, enterology, pulmonology, urology, and veterinary applications, among other medical fields. SONON can also be used for most ultrasound-guided procedures.

How do I connect SONON wirelessly to my smartphone or tablet?

Once SONON is on, simply press and hold the Wi-Fi button until you see the light on the button illuminate. Next, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device and select SONON. The first time you connect, you will be prompted to enter a password which can be found in your SONON’s packaging.

Can you use SONON when you don’t have Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE access?

Yes, you can use SONON to view and save images on your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. You will not be able to transmit those images to another device, however, until you have a Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE connection.

How do you start a scan?

Once SONON is on and connected to your mobile device, you must log into the SONON mobile application. Press “Start Scan” on your mobile device screen and place SONON’s sensor head on the patient’s treatment area. You will then see the ultrasound image on your mobile device.

How can I connect saved images with individual patient records?

You can save patient information associated with each image including name, gender, age, height, weight, and notes.

How do I transmit images?

Once your scan is complete, simply press “Send” in the SONON mobile application and an email with the image attached will pop up. Enter the email address, subject, and message before pressing “Send.”

How does Healcerion guarantee the security of images transferred wirelessly?

When SONON images are sent via email, they are sent separately from any patient information, which is also encrypted when sent.

How can I purchase SONON?

SONON has received CE certification and will be available for sale in Europe in early 2015. Healcerion expects SONON to receive FDA, KFDA, CMDCAS and other regional certifications in 2015 prior to a global product launch later in the year.

How can I learn more about buying SONON?

Contact us at info@healcerion.com to get more information.