Compact Design

SONON fits right in your hand and easily in your pocket. At just over 13 ounces, it’s easily portable and can be taken wherever you practice medicine.

Wireless Connectivity

SONON has no cords or wires, making it easy to maneuver independent of the iOS/Android smart phone or tablet on which scans appear.


Sensor Head

SONON has a convex array transducer, allowing for a wider field of view during the sonogram.
(Linear and Micro-convex will be launched in 2016)


SONON can be operated with the use of three simple buttons – POWER to turn it on, WIRELESS CONNECT to link it with your smart phone or tablet, and IMAGE FREEZE to capture and record scan images as they appears on your device’s screen.

Rechargeable battery

SONON has a Lithium-ion battery than can quickly and easily be charged with a Micro USB cord.

Mobile App

SONON’s mobile app is compatible with all iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets, and allows providers to send scans for remote viewing and diagnosis via Wifi, 3G, or LTE networks.


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