Healcerion Co.,Ltd is selected as a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner

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Healcerion Co.,Ltd is selected as a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner

Makati, Manila — Today, Red Herring announced its Top 100 Asia award winners in recognition of the leading private companies from the region, celebrating these startups’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries.

Red Herring Top 100 Asia enlists outstanding entrepreneurs and promising companies. It selects the award winners from approximately 2000 privately financed companies each year in the Asia. Since 1996, Red Herring has kept tabs on these up-and-comers. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Google, Facebook, Kakao, Alibaba, Twitter, Rakuten, Salesforce.com, Xiaomi and YouTube would change the way we live and work.

“In 2016, selecting the top achievers was difficult as always,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “The variety, depth, disruption and traction we saw from the early stage companies to those with significant scale made 2016 a great vintage to judge. The Asia winners are representative of the amazing ecosystem that never ceases to astound, with new and experienced entrepreneurs continuing to push the barriers of innovation. As one of the winners, Healcerion Co.,Ltd should be proud of its accomplishment.”

Red Herring’s editorial staff evaluated companies on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technological innovation and intellectual property, DNA of the founders, business model, customer footprint and market penetration. This assessment of potential is complemented by a review of the track record and standing of startups relative to their sector peers, allowing Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list a valuable instrument of discovery and advocacy for the most promising new business models in Asia.

Red Herring provides an insider’s view and access to the global innovation economy, identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs.

To view the list of the 2016 Red Herring Asia winners, please follow the link below.


Also, to gain more information about Healcerion, find us at www.healcerion.com


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Healcerion, a company based in South Korea, has developed an ultrasound system that’s no bigger than the transducer itself. The SONON 300C uses a paired tablet or smartphone of your choice as the display, wirelessly transmitting the data to the smart device from where images can be analyzed and shared with others. It weighs only 13 ounces (360 grams), has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and in addition to WiFi connectivity sports 3G/LTE cellular capability as well.
HealcerionThe SONON 300C uses a convex array transducer and the company is currently working on linear and micro-convex models as well.

Benjamin Jeongwon Ryu, who founded Healcerion only four years ago, was hoping to make ultrasound ubiquitous and not limited by size and price constrains. And while larger systems have their place and can’t be easily replaced by small devices, the SONON 300C fills in a gap caused precisely by the bulkiness of full scale ultrasounds. According to Dr. Ga-won, Lim from National Medical Center in South Korea, “When I go into rounding, sometimes I feel like that ultrasonic diagnostic can be useful to evaluate the patient’s condition. By the way, considering a big size of conventional ultrasonic devices, we do not even think about using it during we round. However we know that SONON is loading fast and realize an excellent resolution despite of its small size of portable diagnostic device. For those of doctors like us, it would be very much appreciated because it is well-made for everybody.” Click here to see the original article in Medgadget